Sunday, October 22, 2006

Hello Karma, my name is Chris and I hate you.

Feeling a little more motivated today so I thought I'd pick up where I left off.

So, Feast. From what I gather Feast had it's origins in Project Greenlight. I didn't know that when I bought it of course, I just wanted to see gore and mayhem. I don't want to go into huge detail about the flic, because I have more important topics to cover (lol) but it was a good little movie for what it was. It had a few great scenes ("There's monster cock stuck in the door!") and a few not so great scenes. (How to put it delicately? Monster mouth humping, I guess.) The gore level and rate of death on characters was completely acceptable though. =)

Moving on - Operation Get the Hell Out of Town is moving forward. I got a good deal on a storage place right where I needed it, and the new and improved tentative move-in date at my Father's is November 1. Everything seems to be going smoothly and "according to plan", which means that I'm expecting a calamitous setback to occur at anytime.

Lastly I got an email tonight from She Who Shall Not Be Named. I knew that sometime during the process of my uhhh life change that she would pop back up. I knew it knew it knew it. What sucks more? The fact that she did or that fact that I knew she would...and then did. Having precognitive powers is highly over rated.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Feast and Killer Bee's

Just a couple of things today. It was my last day off before I return to work for the weekend. I made a trip out to the local U-Stor-It type place by my Dad's house. (Where I will be staying for awhile.) The only reason I mention it is that the location used to be a big dirt field where I used to play as a kid. As a matter of fact where my storage unit is going to be is almost exactly where my best friend Tom and I ran afoul of some killer bees. When I say "killer bee" I'm referring to the Africanized Bee that somehow made it to the U.S. two decades ago and is very aggressive. I don't know if the stings are actually lethal, but the damn bees chased us about a half a mile until I literally ran into the my house. I remember my Dad had to call whatever authorities about it because all of southern California was riled up about them.
Also it was... surreal, to be looking down a row of blank, featureless storage units knowing that it used to be a place a rode my dirt bike as a kid. I wish I had a camera because I found the gestalt of a stark white corridor of Aldous Huxley-like doors marching away from me vaguely disturbing. Time marches on right?
I also wanted to talk about Feast, the movie I bought today. However to do it justice I think it needs it's own post. I'm too tired to get into it now, so maybe tomorrow. It deserves some sort of commentary that's for sure, heh.

How can I help you to help me?

I've been doing some research on how best to market yourself online to find a job. I have a skeleton (hah that's seasonal) resume built and I am now 1 of 2008916176 members on Monster Jobs.
I like to think of myself as an individual with pretty good people skills. And I don't think anyone would describe me as afraid of engaging other people in conversation. But. I've discovered I'm woefully unskilled in the job finding department. It's something I'm working on, but there's more to it than I thought. With a little help from my friends, and a healthy dose of negative reinforcement in the form of my current job, I hope to break into a new career in a beautiful new city in the next few months.
Sidenote: A chick I know called me today. (Vague enough?) She's an interesting gal and I hope that I get a chance to follow up on this supposed sushi outing that's been mentioned. Does the kid have what it takes any more? If there was a money bet involved I know where I put my dough, but as I like to tell everyone else - You can't hit any homeruns unless you step up to the plate and see a few pitches. Of course you can also get pegged with a bean ball to the head too. /sadf

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

In the beginning.

Despite my own insecurities about people viewing what I write, I've decided to start my own blog. I'm hoping it will be a healthy vent for some of my feelers, and a way to work on my writing skills.

Raise a glass for the inaugural post.